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About Us

Table Tennis in a Wheelchair

ACNT is a specialist disability support provider. We are built on genuine connections with the people we support and our communities.

ACNT provides support to people with disabilities in the Northern Territory.


We help with their tailored services to lead an active and social life, whilst remaining as Safe and Independent as possible. 

We aspire to provide client-centred care to participants and their families. We are devoted to dealing with the participants beyond financing and offering necessary equipment by demonstrating sensitivity towards the beneficiaries.

We recognize that disabilities do not relate to the person's interests or views about different aspects such as politics, economy and culture. ACNT creates a community of interactions, where participants are encouraged to engage in the different actions of the community.

Bringing you quality services

Our Mission

To support vulnerable communities in increasing quality of life

Our Vision

To create a respectful, compassionate and resourceful environment that offers comprehensive support services to individuals grappling mental and physical disabilities.

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